Want More Jewelry Exposure? Your Jewelry Seen On Celebrities? Heres how…


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As jewelry designers and artists we design because we need to create and work at our passion because it’s… well… it’s in our blood to do so! It’s like the air we breathe we need that form of creativity as part of our daily lives. And we want to make a living doing it! Great exposure can do that for us!

As business owners we create for our ‘market’… the people who will purchase and love wearing our designs as much as we love creating them!   By doing what we love and doing it to the best of our ability we can and do make a living as jewelry designers- and the more exposure we receive the more sales we get! But getting exposure in the press and T.V. is not always easy but I found a few ways  that helped me and I think it can help you too.

Being a designer we want to see our designs being worn! And being able to see your work on a celebrity or television show definitely has its rewards! I’ll be honest here- the first time I and my team saw a necklace of mine being worn by a television star on Entertainment Tonight and then seeing the end credits with my name… It was beyond exciting! We felt pretty darn special that day!! In our excitement the following days we wanted to share the news!! We broadcast our exciting news to local papers (PRESS RELEASES) Local television shows… stores and boutiques we wanted to sell to- and of course all our current customers. And in doing all of this we succeeded in even more exposure- most of it all free which equals more sales. And sales will keep us out of the “Starving Artist” category that we all started out in.

Some ideas that worked for me and my jewelz that I recommend trying are:

~Getting into boutiques and galleries; you can spend thousands at trade shows and I recommend this if you have all that extra cash- but if you are starting out or want to be in select stores or galleries- consider sending as a gift a piece of your jewelry to the owner or buyer with a letter introducing yourself/Bio . This worked for me 9 out of 10 times and in the end really sparked my business. I received orders and repeat business. A whole lot less expensive than the travel and expenses tied up with trade shows!! I am going to try this next with a few certain catalogs I want to sell my designs to. I’ll let you know how it goes in a future blog but I’m very confident  …

~Local Celebrities & Charities; This could mean anyone from television news anchors to the people that are well known in your town or city for their charities. You want people who know people or are on the telly themselves!! By offering your jewelry at special pricing- not full retail, to local city news anchors- it’s a win-win. They get fabulous jewelry at fabulous pricing and you get that T.V. exposure. I recommend always being involved in a favorite charity too- give and feel good about it! Women love bidding at silent auctions for a great piece of jewelry and the exposure is wonderful for your business! Another win-win- great exposure= great sales.

~Find a great product placement boutique agency. Google it now! Not a big PR firm but a smaller creative one.  I was working a show with another designer when I first started out and she had done some product placement and loved the results. I gave it a try. Product placement is never cheap but can really pay out in the long haul. Once you find a boutique agency to work with they can help you secure magazine-T.V. shows- and top celebrities. Its not guaranteed that a celebrity will wear your work or  a T.V. show will give you a guest spot but it all gets amped up if they do! After one placement on Entertainment Tonight in Hollywood- I ended up seeing my jewelry on that show almost daily for years with screen credits because the star who hosted the show fell in LOVE with my designs. That one placement really paid off in the end!!

~ Be sure and follow up with any placements and exposure you receive- both paid and free. Remember to do a Press Release!! AND Of course post it to all of your social media and your website! Think as much exposure as you can and the results will astound you in sales. It does take work and sometimes just thinking outside that box to get the results you want to see in your jewelry sales but I promise you its all worth it in the end. Drop me a note and let me know how it works out for you!

A guest spot on EXTRA! Here is the host wearing my designs and talking about them for 1.5 of precious airtime!

A guest spot on EXTRA! Here is a host wearing my designs and talking about them for 1.5 minutes of precious airtime!

Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff… Both she and her Mom bought my designs while we participated in a Charity event in Beverly Hills!

Samantha Harris  wearing my designs on the RED Carpet!

Samantha Harris wearing my designs on the RED Carpet!

Celebrities wearing my jewelry!

Celebrities wearing my jewelry!

The show Entertainment Tonight's screen credits!

The show Entertainment Tonight’s screen credits!

Chicago News!

Chicago News!

Awe-Inspiring Autumn…


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Autumn is a season full of magnificent colour! The crispness in the air recharges my artisan soul and the inspiration to create surrounds me. A stroll through the countryside. A glass of Pinot Noir. Even the squash I baked for dinner is bursting with brilliant colour! Autumn is truly a season for artists to explore…

In the studio I begin the creative process designing with gold as the precious metal. I find high karat gold gleams with a richness that begs to be accented with deep amethyst, topaz, and carnelian. A hint of wild rubies and misty colored fresh water pearls strung on silk come into form as a necklace. The faceted amethyst beads- with their indulgent colour remind me of a cluster of grapes getting ready for harvest into wine… my bracelet has come to reflect that vision. In the studio there is no concept of time as the meditation of jewelry design takes hold. And it is here that semi-precious gemstone beads- precious metal- and silk begin their journey into an Autumn Collection. Available 10/14/14 online at http://www.LoriFrantz-Koenig.com

'The Harvest"

‘The Harvest”

"Jewelz from the Autumn Collection 2014"

“Jewelz from the Autumn Collection 2014”

'' The Harvest Necklace"

” The Harvest Necklace”

"Topaz Autumn Moon"

“Topaz Autumn Moon”

"Chrysoprase and Rubies pendant"

“Chrysoprase and Rubies pendant”

The artist...

The artist…

The Mixed Metals Ombre’ Trend


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Mixed metal jewelry is trending this season and I was inspired to capture both lightness and depth in my Ombre Metal Collection designs. Working with precious metals affords an artisan the option of working the metals texture and color while giving it an almost industrial feel. After creating the bracelet bangle in shining sterling silver I decided to take it a step further by adding dripping chains and oxidizing parts of both in various colors and patterns with-in the metal. The look is hip and edgy with a Rocker vibe. With Autumn now here I created hammered sterling leaves and designed them into earrings while again oxidizing parts of the sterling metal to give it a burnished element. A few droplets of pearls add interest and allows these earrings to complement the bracelet. In creating the Mixed Metals Ombre’ necklace I again used the hammer technique to create texture in my sterling links and then added 14 kt. gold fill ovals to add warmth…dipping the center three large links halfway in my oxidation solution gives this choker necklace artistry and flow. These pieces are now available at http://www.LoriFrantz-Koenig.com

“The Job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery…”  ~Francis Bacon

Mixed Metal Ombre’ Choker Necklace

blogging thursday 020

Mixed Metal Ombre’ Bangle

blogging thursday 019

Mixed Metal Ombre’ Earrings

Not Your Mothers Pearls…


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My sister who happens to be a well known T.V. make-up artist  stopped by my studio- picked up a strand of pearls and mentioned ”I rarely wear pearls- they always seem so formal ..”  I was struck by her comment as I actually have heard this quite a few times before. Many women feel  as she does and reserve wearing pearls for their wedding day or black tie affairs. As a jewelry designer I find myself drawn to working with fresh water natural pearls and love incorporating them into my designs. I want to show you that pearls don’t have to be intimidating and worn only on special occasions. Feel free to toss them on with a t-shirt and black leather jacket, add a pair of great boots, perhaps some red lipstick and skinny jeans– and head out to that cocktail party!!!

”Next to sound judgment, diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world”…                -Jean de la Bruyere

Wear some strands of pearls with your leather Moto jacket for Fall 2014

Toss on strands of pearls such as these from my “Heirloom Collection” with your leather Moto Jacket and head out the door looking fabulous…

The Artifact Bracelet from my Natural Stones Collection

The “Artifact Bracelet” from my Natural Stones Collection shows you that layering pearls with hammered jet agate stones can give a hip vibe all your own…

The Artifact Earrings

Who says Pearls have to be formal wear? The “Artifact Earrings” made with sterling silver and hammered agate stones is proof that pearls can be an everyday accessory…

A great pair of Jimmy Choo Boots will add an urban feel to your pearls...

A great pair of Boots such as these Jimmy Choo patchwork boots will add an urban feel to your pearls and take them to the streets…

Waterfall Couture Pendants


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While working in my studio yesterday evening I found inspiration from the sound of the trickling water from a nearby fountain. I found it calming and thought of the stream of water that continually flowed from the aged sculpture. Soon I was immersed in my work while listening to the water. I began weaving silver -mirrored Austrian crystals thru precious metal chain- both dark and bright sterling silver, allowing the shimmer of the crystals to reflect the light and slowly flow through the sterling links like that of a stream of water. I had allowed the creative process to take over and found my sense of time had vanished and soon I had the makings of the “The Waterfall Couture Pendants”…

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the sametime…”              -Thomas Merton

Waterfall Couture Pendants

Waterfall Couture Sparkling Pendants and Necklaces…

Waterfall Couture Pendant Necklace

The Silver Waterfall Couture Pendant Necklace

The inspiration...

The inspiration…