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As a jewelry designer I am frequently asked how I come up with a concept and then design the collection..

The Beginning….

The creation of a collection for me begins with a single piece of which is usually a statement making piece of jewelry. I have always started with a necklace as the beginning of all of my collections… somehow it helps me to form a visual in my mind of what I want this collection to say. As an example; I created the Chateau Deco Pearl Couture Necklace (pictured here). I loved the colors of the pearls- their various sizes yet wanted to add some edge to the collection. I then began adding strands of jet Austrian crystals and unusual “Spiked” crystals to gain that edginess and then hand beaded all the strands on black silk thread. My signature style calls for a dash of drama in sparkling roundels so of course they are infused into the design as well. Once this piece was finished I had the basis for the other pieces I then added to this collection I named Chateau. I feel the name of a collection helps the buyer/consumer also get a feel for my vision about the collection. Selling to high-end Stores and boutiques requires a collection to contain approx. 4 to 6 necklaces, 2 to 4 bracelets, and up to 12 pairs of earrings using materials that complement each piece of the collection. I use precious metals and used sterling silver for the Chateau Collection which is now available in stores nation wide such as http://www.vonMaur.com now.

Chateau Deco Couture Necklace  Winter 2014

Chateau Deco Couture Necklace Winter 2014