A Statement In Jewelry

The Envy and Ivy Bracelet summer 2014 collection

The Envy and Ivy Bracelet
summer 2014 collection

The jewelry you wear each day or for a special event speaks volumes about who you are!
Jewelry is one of the oldest and greatest forms of self-expression with each piece revealing something unique about the wearer. Of course when you think of a queen you automatically think of a crown! A ring on a certain finger can tell everyone you are taken without even having to say a word. The jewelry you wear actually has a power all its own and can leave quite a lasting impression.

The right earrings can also make your blues eyes sparkle. A bracelet filled with peridot and green quartz stones will add another element designed to enhance green eyes.
Want to appear leaner? Be sure and add long linear designed earrings and wear some longer necklaces that have a pendant. The trending statement necklace is perfect on every woman!

In an instant after putting on beautiful jewelz designed to accent your positives- you will feel and look simply fabulous!

Coco Chanel said it best- “A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous.”

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