Couture Gatsby Bridal


Couture Gatsby Bridal

The Couture Gatsby Bridal jewelry collection is reminiscent of the 1920’s and 1930’s. I designed and created this collection to be worn together to make a statement that will transcend you to that era. These jewelz were all created by hand in my studio with sterling silver, white fresh water pearls, and silver coated “Swarovski” Austrian crystals. For this photo I layered a collection of my various bracelets in both crystal and pearl. The rhinestone headband with silver encrusted crystals are hand wrapped in sterling silver to form a glamorous accessory that is perfect for any bride. The statement necklace is designed to be just that- a statement! You can go to my website for more bridal collections at

Hello world!

Expressions in pearls and sterling…

Welcome to my very first Blog. I want to utilize this by expressing the artist with-in.

As artists we need to create in order to live- it’s as much a part of us as the air we breathe. I express myself through my designs in jewelry, accessories, and my photography. I was born creating and so now for the first time I am creating my Blog. Another beginning and another expressive form in which to create and write. I’m in the learning phase of this and find it daunting yet with an excitement all it’s own. I believe Sundays are a great day for finding more of ourselves that are hidden deep with-in…and so the writing begins.